Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This is total madness but now there are two of them!

The first one was coming together but I wasn't totally happy with the way that I had done a couple of elements, although happy with the overall look. The background actually looks better in real life. I think the metallic accents in it are throwing the colour out in photos.

For this one I created my own striped fabric for the zigzag border and then applied it as one strip along each side. Instead of lines at the corners I applied little hearts cut of the same striped fabric and the daisies are 3D machine embroidered.

 Then my eyes saw this background fabric which very dark navy/almost black on white and before I knew it I started making a little pile of fabrics to work with it!
On this one I added some extra slashes through the main star of the compass to see if I could get a better result. The green version of the quilt took about 4 attempts before I got a compass that I could use but this one was easier to put together.
 Even though there are more pieces so I only ended up with one reject this time. :o)
I will put heart into the corners again but perhaps with the points pointing towards the centre so that they are more visible.
Intriguing how different they are in different colours?
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www, said...

Oh my goodness Rosalind you did say total madness not I LOL. I'm struggling with making one LE and you are making two??????? and both are so lovely, I do like how you have made your second compass it stands out more as a true star. Love your fabrics and colours you are using on both quilts. Thanks for sharing Cheers Glenda Australia.

Sally Bramald said...

Two, two? Seriously? They both look fab, but two are you insane???? lols

Sue Daurio said...

Oh my, you are a brave woman, 2 of them, double your fun right? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the second one. Both are brilliant, but the second one just really speaks to me. I haven't even started the first one. Good for you doing two!

Rosalind said...
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Rosalind said...

Thank you -----yes I know I am crackers! :o)

Not sure how big both will eventually reach but I am enjoying experimenting and learning a lot of techniques that I haven't tried before!

Sandra said...

I am afraid to start one never mind 2. You are far braver than I.