Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May garden update--picture heavy!

Thought I would take some pictures of some of the garden whilst the grass is actually cut! If I blog them it will remind me what was out when and which I need to remember to prune.
All the trees have either been grown from seeds/cuttings or as small (less than two feet high ) plants.

The first two pictures are from inside! The orchid has flowered almost constantly for about six years now. It has never been potted on or fed and it gets a drink when I remember so I have been very lucky.

The house plants are thriving. I love the colours of the leaf and the flower of this pelargonium. Often one or other is more attractive or they don't quite "go". I think this is Vancouveri? 

The drive down the right. The box hedge is needing another trim but the white geranium is flowering well. The box hedge keeps it from flopping.

There's the white geranium from another angle looking back to the front lawn.

This is the entrance to the "field garden". The tree in the middle came from a packet of seeds that were supposed to be Pagoda trees. Whether it is or not I still don't know but it is a lovely shape.

This is another view of it.See that clump of rushes beneath it to the right? A willow tit or a chiffchaff (not quite sure which) makes a tiny little nest in it every year.

Just past the Pagoda tree is the first silver birch. Not much of it shows as it has Clematis Montana and Honeysuckle right up to the top and hanging in curtains from it. That is a variegated Wiegela with the pale pink blossom.

On the left in the foreground is an Acer. Behind it is the Mulberry though it is not in full leaf yet. To the right is an Amelanchier.

This is a pine that I grew from a pack of mixed seeds. It grew almost horizontal at first but has now decided to reach for the sky. It sheds clouds of pollen if you brush against it. It looks like a peacock's tail with all thouse cones.

Looking back down towards the Pagoda tree and the redwood.

This is towards the bottom corner with the Japanese Larch to the right and to the left is a Japanese Cedar. This as a soft red bark that peels.

Up behind the silver birch towards the hedge at the end of the garden.

                                 That Pagoda tree again.

The redwood in the middle and a plum tree to the left.

Looking back uphill.

Cherry to the left and Japanese Larch to the right. Underneath is a carpet of greenery which for the life of me I can't remember the name? Is it a cross between Heuchera and Tiarella? It pops up everywhere and has a lovely perfume especially in the evening.

This is just one of the buddleias spread around the garden to encourage the butterflies. There are so many butterflies already this year! Last year we didn't have very many at all. The mild winter and heavy blossom this year have given them a boost.

Back to the Redwood again.

Some more perfume around the bottom of a pear tree.

The azalea is past its best but the forget-me-nots are still going!


fiberobsession said...

What a delightful place! I have an orchid just like yours and it has been blooming for months and shows no sign of stopping.

Island Threads said...

Roz, I never realised what a lovely large garden you have, your trees are nice, your garden has a tranquil quality from the photos, Frances

Rosalind said...

Yes it is about an acre so it is rarely (if ever) all tidy! There are big tracts of wild flowers that
I also try to encourage. One of the things I am most pleased with is that the native English bluebell now grows in a carpet right across the top of the garden. :-)
if you go back to May 2006 in my blog there is a photo of what we started with.

Heather Hasthorpe said...

Lovely garden, Ros, I have been here in Norfolk for 11years now and have trees I've grown from seed, a Rowan near the back door (to keep the witches away) and several crab apples from pips and a nectarine in a pot and now a plum!