Friday, November 12, 2010

Sasha doll clothes

Not too many years ago I earned my living as a dollmaker and occasionally I still make and dress dolls but just for fun now.

Sasha dolls are a delight to dress , not least because their realistic proportions. The dress material I used for this one have been lurking for ages and is just the right scale for her. The jacket and cloche hat are crocheted in a nobbly boucle yarn.
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Tricks said...

oh my, making clothes for dolls, was a passion when I was a youngster, I wasn't very good at it mind. I went in for the teenage dolls and instead of a Sindy like all my friends I opted for a Tressy because her hair grew. Takes me back. My sister made some lovely porcelain dolls for all the nieces my daughter still has hers. It's a proper baby boy doll too. Your Sasha dolls look great, I love the detail of the pantaloons too. Regards Tricia x

18 Doll Clothes said...


Such a great idea! I did not roll my eyes at your post; I too have had trouble letting go of anything of Wee One's. The doll clothes you made are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.