Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow and scraps.

A friend passed on a bag of strips to me and I thought I would make a cushion cover! There were more scraps than I thought and then I added more of my own and then found myself cutting a few more strips.
Now I have got up to 85 inches square and all just out of small pieces. Not sure whether I will add something else to it yet so I will rest it and think about it.
Everywhere else in the country seems to have have had more snow than us. We have only had a few inches so far but it has been very cold. The views from our bedroom windows are all sparkly and magical!
                                                        I love winter! :o)Posted by Picasa


Anna said...

love that string quilt! sounds like it grew fast :-)

Rosalind said...

Thank you. :o)
I was really surprised at how fast it all went together!

The squares started at 9 inches and I made 100 in a couple of weeks just doing 5 or 6 at a time between other stuff!!

Tricks said...

Hi Rosalind,
Hope you are keeping warm up there. I can't believe you've got away with such little snow. We had quite a bit and Kent ground to a halt - as usual it can't cope. Where my daughter lives in Durham it was gridlock and she had to dig her self out of the end of her road to go shopping She had metre long icicles. Glad you like Winter, I expect someone has to lol. No my daughter is the same. Now I am older and I can no longer ski I am not a great fan.
I love the quilt wonderful pattern. Isn't recycling great. Your saving the planet too. Great stuff. Oh and the embellisher is still going strong. Best Wishes Tricia x

Rosalind said...

Hi Tricia,
Lovely to hear from you but sorry you are having too much snow to enjoy :o)
We used to live in North East so know what winters can be like over there.It has been perishing cold here though :o( Better finish that quilt and wrap up!
Take care Ros