Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sewing ,postie and rosettes.


The autumn temperatures are creeping in, so time to do a little garment sewing.
 This is a favourite jacket pattern that goes together so quickly and easily. These two helped me to use up some more fabric.
The first is a sort of brown marl. (That is a very straight coat hanger so it looks a little wavy!)

This one is a navy knit fabric with a bit of a pile so it looks almost like velvet.
Both very comfy and cosy. :o)

Postie delivered my three quilts back from Great Northern Quilt Show,Harrogate complete with their rosettes and awards. I knew that two of them had rosettes, but didn't know until I opened the parcel that the third one had a Judge's Merit rosette too! What a pleasant surprise!
There were also some Lilian Hedley books and a cash award too! It is raining today so maybe I can  curl up and get some reading done this afternoon.

This is the third quilt which I entered ,at Harrogate, into the theme competition "Illusions". A difficult one to photograph with that black background. The colours are more true in the picture above this.

The rosettes just squeezed onto my board.
 Think they are all going to have to cuddle in closer now.
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The silverware I am afraid sort of disappears into a drawer.

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Caz said...

You need a bigger board for all those rosettes. Well done!

Quilt Rat said...

Congratulations! LOVING that ribbon collection. :-)

Island Threads said...

congratulations Ros, that's quite a collections of rosettes, if they cuddle up the'll be warm during winter ;) Frances