Sunday, April 13, 2014

It has been a long few months.


 We had a very sad and upsetting end to 2013 and start of 2014 so not much creative stuff has been done.

We became even more familiar with this bit of road even though sunny, dry days like this were rare at the beginning of this year.

We also got  became very familar with this view over Keswick.


It is spring now and time to get motivated again! There is a garden to get sorted,for a start, before Mother Nature takes over!

Check out this double rainbow. The colours were incredibly intense!


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

So long since I blogged -some pictures of our favourite walk.

The river is low here but it has been high since this was taken.
Tranquil meander by the hostel
Past our neighbour's garden
Through the old kissing gate.
Rosie waiting for me to catch up.
Rosie watching dogs in the river . Nothing would induce her into cold water!

Are you coming?

Love how the sun comes through this horse chestnut tree.
The leaves were just beginning to fall.
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Friday, September 13, 2013


Tidying around I came across this quilt sandwich on which I was trying out some ideas. It is just a spare piece of curtain lining and an offcut of an old blanket which I sandwiched and marked out in squares about 8" across.
It is used up now ------not sure whether to keep it whole for reference or cut it up for mug rugs!
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sewing ,postie and rosettes.


The autumn temperatures are creeping in, so time to do a little garment sewing.
 This is a favourite jacket pattern that goes together so quickly and easily. These two helped me to use up some more fabric.
The first is a sort of brown marl. (That is a very straight coat hanger so it looks a little wavy!)

This one is a navy knit fabric with a bit of a pile so it looks almost like velvet.
Both very comfy and cosy. :o)

Postie delivered my three quilts back from Great Northern Quilt Show,Harrogate complete with their rosettes and awards. I knew that two of them had rosettes, but didn't know until I opened the parcel that the third one had a Judge's Merit rosette too! What a pleasant surprise!
There were also some Lilian Hedley books and a cash award too! It is raining today so maybe I can  curl up and get some reading done this afternoon.

This is the third quilt which I entered ,at Harrogate, into the theme competition "Illusions". A difficult one to photograph with that black background. The colours are more true in the picture above this.

The rosettes just squeezed onto my board.
 Think they are all going to have to cuddle in closer now.
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The silverware I am afraid sort of disappears into a drawer.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Rosettes at Great Northern Quilt Show Harrogate.


Last Thursday evening I got a lovely phonecall to say that "Just Doodling" had won the wholecloth award at the Great Northern Quilt Show. I had great plans to go over there on Sunday but unfortunately life got in the way and I missed it so I never got to see the show or my quilts.

                           This is a photo I took when it was just finished and some pictures of the quilt in progress.
I was thrilled with the news but imagine my delight when I saw photos of "Just Doodling" and "Northern Spring" on Fiona's blog and saw the caption saying that it had got a rosette too-----looks as if maybe two of them! I was having a coffee whilst I was scrolling through and nearly swamped the keyboard with the surprise. :o)
A good surprise though-a really good start to the day. :o)
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dress a girl around the world.


I read about this scheme in a magazine and also heard it discussed on various email groups so was delighted to find a really good use for some lengths of cotton. Using an assembly line method it took a very small amount of time to make these 13 little dresses.
Why not have a go yourself?
For more information click here: Dress a girl around the world

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This is total madness but now there are two of them!

The first one was coming together but I wasn't totally happy with the way that I had done a couple of elements, although happy with the overall look. The background actually looks better in real life. I think the metallic accents in it are throwing the colour out in photos.

For this one I created my own striped fabric for the zigzag border and then applied it as one strip along each side. Instead of lines at the corners I applied little hearts cut of the same striped fabric and the daisies are 3D machine embroidered.

 Then my eyes saw this background fabric which very dark navy/almost black on white and before I knew it I started making a little pile of fabrics to work with it!
On this one I added some extra slashes through the main star of the compass to see if I could get a better result. The green version of the quilt took about 4 attempts before I got a compass that I could use but this one was easier to put together.
 Even though there are more pieces so I only ended up with one reject this time. :o)
I will put heart into the corners again but perhaps with the points pointing towards the centre so that they are more visible.
Intriguing how different they are in different colours?
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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Quilting newbie.

I feel like a complete newbie at this quilting lark!.

I was very taken with the 18 month BOM that Esther Aliu is running based on a coverlet from 1790. I have never done a quilt designed by anyone else or used many of the techniques used in this quilt so it is a major learning curve all round. The deciding factor was that our house dates from pre-1750 so it may well have had similar styled coverlets on the beds.

Of course even though it is mainly hand sewn my Bernina couldn't be left out so instead of appliquing little flowers I decided to add a 3D daisy chain. It is all very scrappy and I might make this into a cushion and start off again with some better co-ordinated colours (although it looks better in real life!)--------or I may stay with it and hopefully see my skills improve as the quilt grows!
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Summer days-----garden,a beach to ourselves and a nature reserve.


The garden is growing and the bees are back at last, although the butterflies are very late this year! 
We went to Allonby beach and had all of it to ourselves! There was a strong wind blowing but it was still hot! Those are Scottish hills over the other side of the Solway Firth.

Posted by PicasaThe next day was even warmer so we nipped out to Silver Meadows wetlands reserve. We have often passed it en route to Keswick and always wondered what the little buildings are for and now we know!
They are bird hides complete with little benches and bird posters to help to identify any birds that are new to you.

Next day it poured down and our river rose fast and managed to erode much of the bank which had only been built back up  up about ten days ago!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nearly there!

Loved seeing the light hitting the quilting today.
I have spent a couple of hours ,in a good light, sewing in the tails of thread into the back. Think I have them all now. After that the quilt had to be trimmed it to square it up. I think that is the one bit of quilting that I really dislike but perhaps it is just because I am apprehensive of taking the rotary cutter to a nearly finished quilt?
These are my tools of choice for the sewing in of tails and general tidying up :

The tweezers ,from my Bernina 830 toolbox, are ideal for teasing out any threads that have been caught by stitching and also for holding threads so that the ends can be trimmed very close to the fabric.

 The scissors were an Ebay purchase. They are very pointed and also have stayed sharp
The black handled tool on the right is a Clover Soft Touch Thread Pic. It has a very fine, crochet type hook similar to a tambour needle. Sometimes I use it for pulling the threads down into the batting, but more often to tweeze out any errant dark threads or fluff that have somehow got between the quilt top and the batting.

Lastly is a needle, threaded double ,with the ends going through the needle and the loop hanging down. Insert the needle close to the thread ends and exit an inch or two away. Pull through till just a loop remains and then tuck in the tails. Continue pulling and then trim the thread.

All I have to do now is make and attach the binding and a label. It is about six metres all round so plenty of hand stitching to look forward to. :o)
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