Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nearly there!

Loved seeing the light hitting the quilting today.
I have spent a couple of hours ,in a good light, sewing in the tails of thread into the back. Think I have them all now. After that the quilt had to be trimmed it to square it up. I think that is the one bit of quilting that I really dislike but perhaps it is just because I am apprehensive of taking the rotary cutter to a nearly finished quilt?
These are my tools of choice for the sewing in of tails and general tidying up :

The tweezers ,from my Bernina 830 toolbox, are ideal for teasing out any threads that have been caught by stitching and also for holding threads so that the ends can be trimmed very close to the fabric.

 The scissors were an Ebay purchase. They are very pointed and also have stayed sharp
The black handled tool on the right is a Clover Soft Touch Thread Pic. It has a very fine, crochet type hook similar to a tambour needle. Sometimes I use it for pulling the threads down into the batting, but more often to tweeze out any errant dark threads or fluff that have somehow got between the quilt top and the batting.

Lastly is a needle, threaded double ,with the ends going through the needle and the loop hanging down. Insert the needle close to the thread ends and exit an inch or two away. Pull through till just a loop remains and then tuck in the tails. Continue pulling and then trim the thread.

All I have to do now is make and attach the binding and a label. It is about six metres all round so plenty of hand stitching to look forward to. :o)
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Caz said...

That looks lovely!

Karen H said...

This is really beautiful! I can't wait to see a picture of the entire quilt.

I've seen the Clover Soft Touch Thread Pic and have been thinking of getting one for myself - it sounds like a terrific little tool!

ANudge said...

My goodness - what detailed quilting. It's going to be a show stopper. Can't wait to see it finished.