Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dress a girl around the world.


I read about this scheme in a magazine and also heard it discussed on various email groups so was delighted to find a really good use for some lengths of cotton. Using an assembly line method it took a very small amount of time to make these 13 little dresses.
Why not have a go yourself?
For more information click here: Dress a girl around the world


dorothypandorasbox said...

Well done Ros. They will be very proud to have such lovely dresses.

Rosalind said...

Thanks Dorothy.
I really enjoyed making them :o)

Sally Bramald said...

Brilliant, well done that woman!

island threads said...

hello Roz, I found this post when I came home from visiting the family and bookmarked it as I think it's a lovely project and I wanted to participate, I've just finished some dresses and posted them, thanks for the links, Frances