Monday, June 02, 2008

Smooth stitching!

I haven't a big table for this machine and am somewhere between selling a sewing cabinet, that gave me a large flat surface for quilting, and sorting out a replacement.

I know there is a product that does this job on the market--------but I needed one last night!

Solution? The Tefal nonstick baking tray sheet from the supermarket stuck onto my sewing table with painter's tape.!!!
They were both in use in my sewing room already. The sheet was one I had used for ironing Bondaweb, Angelina etc. etc. to save my ironing board. I had been a bit careless with it and cut into it along with the fabric so it was going to be replaced. The painter's tape is brilliant as it sticks to anything and doesn't mark. It gets used to stick onto rulers as a marker, on fabric as a straight line. to hold cables out of way.

Result! Smooth surface that fabric is just gliding over :o)
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Unknown said...

They do say that necessity is the mother of invention - I just love this - well done you!

Anonymous said...

This is great! I love both of your uses for the teflon - I had never thought about using one of those sheets for ironing!