Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A mixed month so far

A very belated Happy New Year! Where has January disappeared to?
The days seem to have flown past.

The biggest thing we have had to deal with so far was working out where a temporary drive could be driven through our garden and cause the least disturbance. We haven't been able to get any vehicles to the house since the 2009 floods and the way the powers that be are talking it could be autumn 2011 before our river wall and lane are rebuilt.The gate leads out into the lane along by the river that was our usual route pre-flood.

We are not feeling too happy about the time the insurance company have taken and this drive is a bittersweet pill!
However we can now drive home and will also be able to get rid of the 14 month accumulation of items for recycling thus making space in the garage. Sadly the drive has had to be cut through two mature hedges which will take a long time to restore. Some of the trees have had their roots bruised and cut through too.

I am trying not to think too much about the potential damage to them.

On a brighter note I have been gradually getting back into sewing both playing with decorative stitches on some silk and also learning my new Bernina Cutwork tool and software.

I was very wary of it at first but am getting quite familiar with it now. The applique names were an experiment in using fonts from the computer to make applique shapes and they worked beautifully and very easily.
The cushion was another experiment of using a simple shape that had rows of decorative stitches programmed in as borders. The alternate squares are quilted with a design built into the 830. I hadn't made a couple of borders wide enough but I joined them into a cushion anyways and will just add a little hand embroidery later.
What was really good was that I starched and ironed 10 layers of batik cotton and the Cutwork Tool just went through the pile like a hot knife through butter. Now I have sussed those bits out I can start to be a little more adventurous.:o)
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ozmommy said...

Love all the projects, but particularly the pillow with the decorative stitching!

Feather on a Wire said...

I think your patience dealing with the after flood damage is heroic. I'd have been climbing the walls ages ago.

Rosalind said...

It has certainly been an experience not to be repeated. The number of agencies involved and rules to be abided by before anything can be done is unbelievable.Even now that we think that everything is agreed and out to tender it is unlikely that we will be restored before second anniversary of floods.

Still we are luckier than those whose houses were affected and are still not home.

texwisgirl said...

Hi there! Wanted to come by and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! You do some gorgeous stitch work! I don't have the patience or skill and am impressed by those who do!