Sunday, May 09, 2010

Life has been a little hectic recently.

I have been busy with a batik landscape. This was part of it at the beginning stage. Relieved that I can say that it is finished now and ready for Sandown next month . Phew!

Have also been having a big clearout and sort through of my stuff as it was threatening to overwhelm me. I started another blog here to sell some of the accumulation of many years of doll making. My hands can't cope with the stuffing any more.
After nearly six months since the Cockermouth floods we still have no vehicular access to our house and are beginng to go a little cabin crazy every now and again! We are hoping that over the next couple of weeks we may have some idea of when work will start.
Last weekend it was Cockermouth's Georgian Fair and it was great to see visitors to the town and so many people dressed up. There was everything from maypole dancing and morris dancing to Cumberland wrestling and sedan chair racing! You can see some pictures here.

The Main Street is gradually coming to life again and looking almost better than ever with all the new shop fronts and clean paintwork. Woolfest next month too!
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Quilt Rat said...

WOW! I am loving the look of your landscape piece. Can't wait to see the finished work. I'll bet it's outstanding!

Feather on a Wire said...

I never quite worked out, is your car trapped at your house or can you get to it via some route or other? I loved your Sandown quilts.

Rosalind said...

Thanks Sally :o)

Our car was trapped for six months and then we took a chance and got it out using planks etc and parked it about 120 or so yards away. We can walk out along the lane(though it is very rough) or we can walk out through the park. Postie,binman etc etc have to walk along to fetch or deliver. Our recycling collection for eight months threatens to overwhelm the garage! Too much to carry out.
We hope work will start soon before the salmon start running.We are a SSSI,SAC and live in conservation area so are having to jump through hoops!